Our People

Bennie Matharu Designer

On attaining a degree in graphics and advertising, Bennie Matharu initially worked on a freelance basis, commissioning projects dedicated to corporate identity and product design.

Bennie then decided to pursue a career in interior design, specialising in the Middle East market, where he worked on initiatives within private houses and palaces. A recent and notable design was a highly prestigious piece for the Jordanian Royal Family.

Having worked for bulthaup since it was first established in London, Bennie has designed many high value projects for many high profile clients. Bennie looks to achieve an uncluttered kitchen environment. Clients' expectations are preeminent, seamlessly integrated to the designer's interpretation of bulthaup's essence, based on the use of natural, pure materials.

A favourite project of Bennie's involved taking a minimalist stance when creating a kitchen in a modern Jersey home. The design afforded reflection of the midday sun on to bulthaup glass panels, bringing light into the home, while also succeeding in highlighting the natural beauty of the environment.

"This captures the attention of passers-by who look up towards the kitchen setting - with the back-fall of the natural rock cut out from the mountain, so it imposes on to the copper sheeting covering the side elevation of the entrance."

Bennie believes the use of light will become increasingly significant in future design. Rather than depend on light sources that create flat, motionless environments, he believes clients will seek more subtlety in bringing an artistic atmosphere to their kitchens. His aim is always to develop a personal relationship between design and the client, with the goal of capturing their individual spirit and vision.

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