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07.NOV / 2023

Service Packages 1

Let your kitchen shine again, with bulthaup Mayfair's Service Visits, tailored to your needs.

Service 1
Priority Attendance

Initial remedial service for a specified urgent issue.
Assessment of issue and solve if possible.
Favoured price if further call out required.
Time required: up to half an hour.

Service 2
General Service

Adjust symmetrical drawer and door lines.
Tighten hinges, handles and/or carry out any assessment on any required service parts for repair/replacement.
Time required: up to 2.5 hours.

Service 3
Refresh & Clean

Service Package 2 included.
Exterior furniture front and worktop cleaning.
Service Cartridges for taps, filters, etc.
Exchange of any filters required (cost of any filters not included).
Time required: up to 4 hours.

Appliance Service
Advice on choosing the right replacement appliance.
Offer service guidance and suggestions.
Coordination and installation of the replacement appliance.
Time required: up to 2.5 hours.

Bespoke Service
Price on request
Individual maintenance required.
Removal and storage.
Exchange steam oven/ fridge water filter.
Additional cabinets.
Replacement options for appliances.

Email to book your service at
These prices include VAT, within the M25 area, outside by request.
They do not include the costs of any parts required.