Our People

Burkhard Gumpricht Designer

Burkhard, known to all as B, is a bulthaup stalwart, having worked at several of the company's showrooms in London and Tokyo.

B holds a degree in multidisciplinary design from Goldsmith College and through working in all of bulthaup's areas of business, from product to concept designs, this German native's knowledge is considerable.

Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Italian designer Denis Santachiara, American artist Donald Judd and leading figures within the Bauhaus movement are just some of the myriad of influences that shape his thinking.

A favoured design entailed a b3 project, where a young family's life revolved around the centre point that is the kitchen. What unfolded is a perfect hub of functionality, which still satisfies the familial desire to seamlessly link dining area with outdoor garden.

B describes the bulthaup philosophy in simple terms -

"It's about being understated with a hint of luxury...a life pod for cooking, eating, communicating socialising and working - the heartbeat of everyday life."

A disciple of continuous improvement, B believes good design questions itself. It adapts to changing human needs through developing and challenging new material and technology.

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